2018 Food Trends – Ball Park® Buns Edition

2018 Food Trends

The changing of the calendar brings the inevitable year-in-review lists – best books, albums, movies, you get the picture. But others look forward, aiming to read the future in the tea leaves. We’ve taken a look at several lists of 2018’s most anticipated food trends – and made them Ball Park® Bun friendly.


Flower Power

Edible flowers have been a thing for a while now, but they’re poised to really blossom in 2018. You’ll see them most often in sweet recipes, but they bring an unexpected element to savory dishes as well, like this flower salad recipe – perfect alongside a burger served on Ball Park’s classic bun.

Flower Salad recipe via Martha Stewart


Go East

Hummus has become an appetizer staple – and we couldn’t be happier about that. But Middle Eastern food has so much more to offer. And experts predict that 2018 will be the year we start seeing more exotic Middle Eastern dishes become more regular staples on the menu. To get a taste, try this Moroccan-Spiced Burger. Its earthy flavors go perfectly with our Classic Potato Buns.

Moroccan-Spiced Burger recipe via Food52


Powder Up

The health food world is buzzing about super powders, putting matcha, spirulina, turmeric and more in smoothies to help boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and fight inflammation. We can’t vouch for the health benefits – we’re not doctors, you know – but we can say with certainty that turmeric is DELICIOUS. Try it in this Indian-spiced ketchup—it will give your hot dog or hamburger (served on a Ball Park® Bun) a flavor boost if nothing else.

Kasundi Ketchup recipe via Tasting Table


Get Popping

When you’re at the ballpark, a hot dog without a side of Cracker Jack® is like a pitcher without a catcher. That’s why we’re super-psyched about 2018’s popped food trend. Definitely try this at home -- The Kitchn’s recipe is sure to be a home run. (We’ll see ourselves out.)

Homemade Cracker Jack recipe via The Kitchn


Get Your Fil(l)

At this point, almost every flavor of international cuisine has been thoroughly explored, if not downright exhausted. But Filipino food is still relatively undiscovered country, so to speak – until now. Use this sweet-and-sour relish on your hot dog (served on a Ball Park Golden Hot Dog Bun) to get your trend on.

Filipino Green Papaya Relish (Achara) recipe via Kitchen Confidante

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