3 Reasons to Not Toast Your Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns

A picture of a bun popping out of a toaster with a "no" circle-and-line symbol around it.

If you’ve ever grabbed some Ball Park® hamburger or hot dog buns out of the pantry and asked yourself, “Wait, do I really need to toast these things?” the answer is a resounding “it depends, but probably not.” We’ve already presented the reasons why you should, in fact, toast them, but hey, we live in this free and open democratic society known as the United States of America, and dang it, we disagree … with ourselves – WHICH WE ARE ALLOWED TO DO, OK?

So, for the sake of freedom/democracy/America, here are three reasons you shouldn’t toast your hot dog or hamburger buns.

Less prep/faster eating.

We’re all busy people, and prep work takes time – time that’d be better spent doing important things like admiring the Taj Mahal’s iconic architecture, trying to figure out why all radio stations end in odd numbers, or getting down and dirty with some premium hot dog and hamburger buns. And really, who has time to wait AT LEAST three minutes for some buns to toast when you’ve got food on the brain? Not us, no way. Not even close to worth it.

Softer is better.

Soft drinks, soft hands, soft rock – things are just better when they’re soft, and our hot dog and hamburger buns are no exception. When you’re chomping at the bit to chomp into that carefully crafted burger or frank, the worst possible barrier to entry is an overcooked bun; it’s distracting, it leaves crumbs everywhere, and frankly, it doesn’t taste as good. Fluffy is the only way to go, and anyone who says otherwise has a wrong and bad opinion.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Eat it.)

This is it – the only reason you’ll need to never toast your buns again like some kind of fanged and deranged food monster: Buns, specifically Ball Park® Buns, are perfect just the way they are. That’s right, our soft, flavorful, classic backyard favorites require no additional modification. If we thought you needed to toast our buns, we’d save you the trouble and pre-toast them for you. But come on, who does that? Nobody, that’s who. And you know why? Because it’s a bad idea. Don’t toast your buns.

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