3 Reasons to Toast Your Buns

3 Reasons to Toast Your Buns

Slapping your hot dog or hamburger in a bun straight from the package is a great shortcut when you’re pressed for time, but when circumstances allow, you should really be toasting your buns. Here’s why:

  1. It adds another level of flavor. Butter those buns and slap 'em on the grill to really bring out the taste – and to add a whole 'nother level of flavor to your burger or dog.
  2. It gives you some texture. If all your toppings are soft – like your standard condiments or caramelized onions or guacamole – then toasting gives you a little variety in the texture.
  3. It helps the bun take on the toppings. Certain toppings (chili, I’m looking at you) can make your buns soggy and floppy, which … just ew. Toasting them helps strengthen the bread so it can really hold its own.

So where do you land? Is toasting worth the extra step, or is it just another obstacle between you and your hot dog/hamburger goodness?


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