4 Ways to De-Stress Dinnertime

A photo of a woman meditating on a kitchen counter with a hamburger in each hand.

It’s Stress Awareness Month and there’s no better way to celebrate than to live stress-free, right!? We know that getting a satisfying meal on the table every night actually takes real effort and thought, which can morph into unnecessary stress. For those days that you could use some relief, here are four steps to take the stress out of cooking.


1. Plan Your Weekly Meals 

Planning meals not only takes the guess work out of cooking, but it also helps you mentally prepare for the task at hand. Brainstorm options, write them down and check your fridge to see what you have on hand. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out What’s Cooking for simple and delicious Ball ParkÒ Buns recipes. 


2. Grocery Shop for the Week

After you’ve mapped out what you want to eat, hit the grocery store to gather everything you’ll need. If you’re thrifty like us, you can check local ads, mobile apps and our website for coupons and sales. Be sure to cross off each item on your list, avoid distractions (aka hide from your chatty neighbors) ­and NEVER shop on an empty stomach!


3. Prepare Ingredients in Advance

Chopping up fresh vegetables and marinating meats overnight are two ways you can cut time slaving in the kitchen. If you’re feeling ambitious and love a good challenge, you can even cook items in bulk and freeze them to eat later. Dishes like lasagna and gumbo freeze well and always taste better the second time around.

Freezer-Friendly Recipes via Martha Stewart


4. When All Else Fails, Treat Yo’ Self

Sometimes cooking just seems downright dreadful! Instead of forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do, order takeout or pick up something tasty from that restaurant down the street. Nothing is more satisfying than a hot meal you didn’t have to cook. So kick up your feet, turn on your favorite show and dig in!

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