5 Easy Steps for the Perfect Hamburger Date Night

5 Easy Steps for the Perfect Hamburger Date Night

If you liked our feature on hot dog date night but wanna switch it up, behold your next recipe for success: hamburgers. That’s right, America’s favorite food is also the perfect date-night dinner.

Put some literal sizzle into your dating life with these five easy steps.

  1. Send flirtatious text.
    Keep it short and sweet. And don’t forget to include the hamburger emoji! This is key.
  2. Find the perfect recipe.
    There are a million different burger recipes out there. Thankfully, the best of the best are on our recipes page [link].
  3. Smell test. Grill fired up? Check.
    Ball Park Buns in the oven? Check. Amazing-smelling home? Oh, that’s a check.
  4. Show off your grilling skills.
    The food will wow your significant other – we know that for sure – but food alone simply isn’t enough. Show him or her you’re an expert on the grill to really make a lasting impression.
  5. Live happily ever after.
    You know you have a keeper when you’re bonding over beef and buns. At this point, you might as well lock him or her up so you can keep having hamburger/hot dog date nights – ’til death do you part.

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