The 5 elements of the perfect picnic

The 5 elements of the perfect picnic

You see that big ball of fire floating in the sky? That’s the universe telling you to go outside and eat delicious food with your friends and family. One way to do this is by having a picnic – which can be great as long as you do it right. Here are some things to think about first:

Location, location, location

You can’t just pick any old park for your picnic. There are important questions to ask, like: Are there restrooms? Is it Fido-friendly? And, most importantly, are there grills or do you need to bring one? Plan ahead, and you’ll come out ahead.

Time of day

Lunchtime picnics are almost always a hit, but they aren’t without risk. There’s the heat, of course, which can be brutal in the summer months – in which case a morning or evening picnic might be a better option. And the last thing you want is some stranger trampling on your grub, so be sure to pick a time when it won’t be super crowded.

What to sit on

You are a civilized person, and civilized people don’t sit on the ground. Because what are you, some kind of animal? You can protect your buns (Ball Park Buns®, that is) with a blanket or tablecloth, but prepare to get ‘em dirty. Instead, bring some woven mats if you have ‘em. If a blanket is all you have, grab a shower curtain liner and lay it on the ground first. You’ll thank us later.

Things to pack

Even in a sophisticated setting like a picnic, you’ll have to battle some elements, so make sure you bring sunscreen, bug spray and hand sanitizer. For entertainment, bring portable speakers and maybe a novel. And mealwise, you’ll need utensils, napkins/paper towels, condiments and, of course, your go-to grilling equipment.

What to eat

Don’t overthink this; hamburgers and hot dogs are all you need – and 100 percent guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. If you wanna spice things up, chomp on some of our signature recipes.


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