5 Hamburger and Hot Dog Recipes to Get Hopped Up About on National Beer Day

A photo of a chef pouring beer into a pan with a hamburger in it.

It’s National Beer Day, and while drinking beer is all fine and good, cooking with beer lets you enjoy all that hoppy, pilsner-y goodness on a whole new level. Check out these hot dog, burger and sandwich recipes (all of which would be delicious with Ball Park® Buns, of course) to start celebrating, but remember: always eat responsibly. Cheers!


Grilled Brats with Quick-Cooked Cabbage

No self-respecting “cooking with beer” list would be complete without brats, and we’re just a bit partial to our own recipe.

Recipe via Ball Park® Buns

Beer Cheese Sauce

This topping is great for both hot dogs and hamburgers (or, you know, straight out of the bowl with a spoon).

Recipe via Life’s a Tomato 


Steakhouse Smoky Barbecue Beer Burgers with Caramelized Beer Onions

So much authentic tavern taste, you can almost feel the sawdust under your feet.

Recipe via The Slow Roasted Italian


Old Bay Beer Battered Cod Sandwiches with Malt Vinegar Slaw

This fish sandwich is all about livin’ that pub life.

Recipe via The Rachael Ray Show 


Three-Ingredient Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Beer has many forms, including the non-alcoholic kind. This BBQ sandwich balances the sweet and bitter to perfection.

Recipe via The Comfort of Cooking

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