5 Raid-Your-Cupboard Recipes

5 Raid-Your-Cupboard Recipes

Need to eat something but too lazy to go to the store? Just open up your cupboard or fridge and behold – ingredients galore. And if you’re wondering if it’s OK to just throw it all together and make it work, the answer isn’t just yes; with these recipes, it’s “aww yeah.”


Sweet Potato Sausage Soup

Use up those post-holiday potatoes and that random sausage in the freezer with this cold-weather delight. Sweet potatoes are best for this recipe, but regular spuds work too. Pro tip: Dice up some Ball Park® Buns to add an extra-hearty texture to your soup.

Recipe via Martha Stewart


Garlic, Bacon and Beer Mac & Cheese Balls

Mac and cheese makes the world go ‘round, and cheese balls are round. Coincidence or the universe trying to tell you something? And yes, using beer in a recipe is acceptable – maybe even preferred. Did we mention that our buns make great bread crumbs?

Recipe via Thrillist


Dipping Oil & Herb Mix

Raiding your pantry isn’t just for full-blown meals, you know. This appetizer recipe is a great way to put all of those spices to good use and to make the perfect dipping sauce for a toasted Ball Park® Bun. 

Recipe via Taste of Home


Hot Breakfast Egg and Cheese Sliders

The great thing about breakfast is it’s even better at lunch and dinner. Get your early mornin’ fix no matter the time of day by sandwiching these cupboard ingredients between your trusty Ball Park® Hamburger Buns.

Recipe via Little Dairy on the Prairie


Cheesy Tomato Soup

Is there a more forgotten item in your cupboard than that lonely can of tomato soup? Show this classic food some love by spicing it up with a little cheesy deliciousness. Just toast some buns to perfection, dip, and go crazy.

Recipe via Delish

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