5 Recipes to Get You Fired Up for That Camping Trip

5 Recipes to Get You Fired Up for That Camping Trip

Hot dogs and hamburgers are about as Americana as it gets – which is why they've been campsite staples for what seems like forever. But, while delicious, sometimes a plain old burger or dog won’t do the trick. So if you want to mix up your meals and keep that classic camping experience intact, give these outside-the-box recipes a shot.

Hobo Hamburgers
Wrap these hearty beef-and-bacon patties up in foil for a tasty campfire roast.
Recipe via Paula Deen

Cowboy Hot Dogs
Caramelized onion, bacon and barbecue sauce join forces in this sizzlin’ hot dog recipe. (This calls for potato buns, but regular buns should do the trick.)
Recipe via MyRecipes.com

Split Hot Dogs with Butter-Toasted Buns and Homemade Toppings
Butter up your fellow campers with these zesty homestyle dogs.
Recipe via Food Network

Campfire Burgers
Take the smoky taste of campfire, put it on a bun and chomp on these uniquely savory burgers.
Recipe via Mother Thyme

Camping Mac N’ Cheese
No campout is complete without some good old-fashioned mac and cheese. (Pro tip: Top your burger or dog with this recipe and you’ll be the camping champ.)
Recipe via Lauren’s Latest

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