5 Ways to Amp Up Hamburger Night

5 Ways to Amp Up Hamburger Night

Want to enjoy a gourmet, restaurant-style hamburger in the comfort of your own home? We’ve got you covered! Here’s five easy ways to take your homemade hamburgers from bland to GRAND.

  1. Seasoning is key. Build the flavor of your hamburger patties by adding seasoning salt, onion powder, garlic powder, crushed black pepper and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
  2. Get to cookin’. Dent the center of the patties with your finger to prevent them from puffing up as they cook. Use a preheated cast iron skillet for the perfect crust and avoid poking, prodding or flattening the patties.
  3. Sauce it up. Instead of slathering on the traditional mayo, mustard or ketchup, opt for a specialty Dijon mustard, honey mustard, barbecue sauce, spicy aioli or homemade “special sauce.”
  4. Add toppings. The classics – lettuce, pickles and tomatoes – alongside caramelized onions, avocado slices, jalapeño peppers, specialty cheeses and Applewood smoked bacon adds a layer of fun and sophistication.
  5. Choose the perfect bun. Pick one of our Ball Park® Hamburger Buns to complement the flavor profile of your hamburger. Be sure to toast on each side with butter to add a little extra crunch.

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our Secrets to the Perfect Patty.


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