6 Tips for Happier Camping

6 Tips for Happier Camping

Air out the sleeping bags and brush up on your fire-starting skills because it’s camping season. Make your trips more enjoyable with the following tips – and to make them more delicious, check out our camping recipes post.

  1. Don’t know where to start? Use a checklist like this one to cover your bases.
    via Real Simple
  2. Tick trouble? Don’t let concern over ticks keep you from the great outdoors. You can use liquid soap and cotton balls to remove ticks as soon as you find them.
    via Lifehack
  3. Striking out? Tape sandpaper to the lid of plastic containers (where you can keep your matches) for a DIY matchbox.
    via Craftaholics Anonymous
  4. Camping with kids? Make sure you make it easy on yourself during and after the trip by keeping outfits organized in plastic bags.
    via Popsugar
  5. Need an itch fix? Check out this list of natural mosquito bite remedies.
    via Popsugar
  6. No grill? Don’t let a grill-less campsite take you by surprise (and leave you with no burger for your delicious Ball Park® Buns). Make a pocket a grill and bring it along wherever you go.
    via Instructables

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