Is bacon over or nah?


Bacon cupcakes. Bacon soap. Bacon air freshener. The bacon-in-everything craze has a lot of people saying that the savory breakfast staple has jumped the shark. To those people we say, “I can’t hear you! I’m too busy eating bacon!” That’s because we like to skip the trends and stick to the classics. But don’t confuse “classic” with “boring.” The bacon-centric recipes below run the gamut from “tried-and-true” to “I would never have thought of that – but it’s delicious!”


Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger

We’ll start with our own burger recipe, featuring a combination of ingredients that elevates it above your typical burger-joint grub.

Recipe via Ball Park® Buns


Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

Here’s how your hot dog gets its bacon on – literally.

Recipe via Pop Sugar


Sweet & Savory Bacon Jam

If you look at bacon and say, “that’s my jam” then this recipe is for you – and it’s a great alternative to the more traditional bacon-strip burger toppings. You’ll want to toast your Ball Park Hamburger Buns so that the jam doesn’t make them soggy. 

Recipe via The Kitchn


Bourbon-bacon Slaw

In some regions, barbecue sandwiches are served with cole slaw on top of the meat. This slaw would work equally well with pork, poultry or beef ‘cue. Just be sure to use a hearty bun like Ball Park’s Tailgaters to hold up to the hefty fillings.

Recipe via Food Network


Bacon Bruschetta

Here’s another great way to use extra hot dog buns. The touch of honey in our Golden Hot Dog buns is a perfect complement to the salty toppings.

Recipe via The Pioneer Woman


The Southern Bird Dog

Another great non-hot-dog use for hot dog buns, this chicken/bacon/cheese concoction gets extra points for the pun.

Recipe via She Wears Man Hats

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