Conquer That Cleanup with These 5 Grill-Cleaning Hacks

Grilling Hacks

Let’s be honest: Cleaning stinks. Scrubbing a grill over and over after several hours of high-intensity tailgating? Uh, yeah, no thanks.

But lucky for you, dedicated griller/not-so-dedicated cleaner, there have been great advances in grill-cleaning technology – hacks, if you will – so you can expend your valuable energy on the things that really matter in life, like watching your favorite team, eating America’s favorite buns (that’s us) or doing absolutely nothing.

1. Aluminum foil

Just crumple up some foil, dip it in water, sprinkle with baking soda and boom. Grill. Clean.

Hack via Snap Guide.

2. Onions

More than just hot dog/hamburger enhancers, onions have a certain moisture and acids that help break down grime and peel back the layers of gunk on your grill. Believe us: If you don’t cry from the chopping, you’ll cry tears of joy.

Hack via Holley Grainger.

3. Ammonia

 The word “ammonia” was derived from “sal ammoniacus,” which means “salt of Amun,” one of the most powerful gods of ancient Egypt. So yeah, it’ll get your grill clean.

Hack via This Grandma Is Fun.

4. All-natural grill cleaner

This au naturale concoction will make your grill au awesome again.

Hack via Spark Naturals.

5. Coffee

Do you ever wake up and say to yourself, “Man, I could just bathe in some coffee right now”? That’s your grill after a tailgate. Soak your grates in a few cups of joe and they’ll not only be clean again, they’ll have lots of energy too! Energy it can put into perfecting those patties and franks that pair so well with a freshly opened bag of Ball Park® Buns.

Hack via Cave Tools.

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