The Daddy of all Hot Dogs

An illustration of a man grilling hot dogs.

For Mother’s Day, we gave you the “Mother of all Burgers” — and we’re not about to diss dad on Father’s Day. Check out the following five hot dog recipes (for five kinds of dads) and help him celebrate like the boss that he is.

The Man-Child Dad

For the dad who’s just a kid at heart – you know, the one who starts the tickle fight five minutes before bedtime – nothing beats this comfort food staple.

Mac-and-Cheese Hot Dog recipe via Real Simple

The “Challenge Accepted” Dad

Serve him a hot dog topped with this ghost pepper salsa (the ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world). Whether or not you warn him is up to you.

The DIY Dad

Mr. Home Improvement would always prefer to make it himself than buy it, right? This recipe for homemade hot dogs means he does the work and you enjoy the food – it’s a win-win!

Ryan Farr's New York-Style Hot Dogs recipe via Serious Eats

The Hipster Dad

Serve this kimchi-topped hot dog along with some kale chips and a cold beverage (in a mason jar, natch), and he’ll quickly forget that you got the wrong brand of mustache-grooming wax!

Kogi dog recipe via Food & Wine


Yes, we know -- “bacon” is not a type of dad personality. But it totally should be. And if the father in your life feels the same, here are six bacon-wrapped dogs designed to make his day.

Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs recipe via Delish

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