Ditch the turducken for these meat-heavy burger blends

meat-heavy burger blends

Mixing meats is a dicey proposition. Exhibit A: turducken, also known as “tur-yuck-en” or “who in their right mind would eat that?” It doesn’t have to be that way, though; some meats mix and match flawlessly – especially with a good, old-fashioned burger blend.


But don’t go all rogue with your meat-matching experiments; you gotta trust the experts (that’s us). For the cream of the weird-meat-combo crop, look no further than these three carnivore-pleasing blends.


Beef ’n’ Pork Burgers

You can put bacon on pretty much anything and it’ll be good. Burgers are no exception (and the world’s worst-kept secret). But a burger patty with bacon and ground pork – topped off with a zesty blend of herbs and spices? Go ahead and pig out.

Recipe via Taste of Home


Beef Burger Patties

If you can’t pick a favorite cut of beef, don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Lucky for you, this mix of chuck, brisket and short ribs is a beef-lover’s dream, sandwiched, of course, between a bun-lover’s dream (that’s us again).

Recipe via Tasting Table


Turkey Chorizo Burger

This turkey-and-chorizo-sausage combo will massage your taste buds with spicy-seasoned goodness. For a lean, mean, meat-combo machine, this recipe gets the job done.

Recipe via Through Her Looking Glass

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