Dive Head-First into These Pool Party Menu Options

Pool Party Menu Options

You know that “rule” that says you’re not allowed to swim for least 30 minutes after you eat? Psh, nonsense! The best pool parties involve eating ‘round the clock – in the pool and out of it. That means preparing enough food to fill every belly. 

But you can’t just serve whatever’s left in your pantry; you gotta serve crowd-pleasers, and lucky for you, we have ‘em. To make it easier on you, noble party host, we put together three different menus – one for kids, another for grown-ups and one for a mixture of both – so the crowd will go wild no matter who’s at the plate (or in the water). 


For the Kids

Main course: Easy Pizza in a Pinch

Side dish: Toasty Mac and Cheese (Recipe via Real Simple)

Dessert: Baked French Toast Sticks


For the Grown-ups

Main course: Bacon-Mushroom-Swiss Burger

Side dish: Grilled Garlic Parmesan Corn on the Cob (Recipe via With Salt and Wit)

Dessert: White Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding


For Both

Main course: Texas Chili Dog

Side dish: Grilled Potato Wedges (Recipe via Back to Her Roots)

Dessert: Baked Apple with Crisp Topping (Recipe via Food Network)

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