Fire up the Grill – Without the Guilt

Fire up the Grill

Who says your backyard barbecue has to be followed by a bad case of griller’s remorse? Check out these alternative hamburger and hot dog staples to cut fat, lower calories, and/or add health benefits – all without sacrificing taste.

Start with the buns:
We’ve told you elsewhere why you should always toast your Ball Park buns. Using olive oil instead of butter might help you fight disease while you’re at it.
Toasted Bread with Olive Oil, Garlic and Herbs recipe via Food & Wine

Take a little off the top:
Do you usually put mayonnaise on your burger or dog? Replace it with mashed avocado – you’ll cut your calories in half, and while you’re still getting the fat, it’s the heart-healthy kind.
Avocado mash recipe via Martha Stewart

Sweeten the deal:
We would never tell you to stop eating fries. NEVER. But, we will tell you how to make them healthier – just use sweet potatoes (loaded with vitamins) and bake them instead of frying.
Baked Sweet Potato Fries recipe via Food Network

Skinny up your sides:
Potato salad is your hamburger or hot dog wingman. Instead of sidelining this side, just sub Greek yogurt for the mayo to lower the fat and pump up the protein.
Curried Potato Salad recipe via Cooking Light

Turn your dessert upside down:
Let’s face it: apple pie is often more pie than apple. Let fruit take the lead by baking apples with a crisp topping – and kick extra fat and calories to the curb.
Baked Apple with Crisp Topping recipe via Food Network

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