Five “Not Dog” Recipes for Summer Grilling

Five “Not Dog” Recipes for Summer Grilling

It’s almost summer, and the grillin’ is meaty. But we all know the truth – when it comes to hot dogs, the bun makes it fun. So do a little something different with these five Not Dog recipes and get all the hot dog bun goodness without the meat. Check it out.

Carrot Dogs
According to Fork in the Kitchen, soaking the carrots in a soy sauce and rice vinegar mixture overnight gives them a texture that’s similar to the real thing – perfect with mustard and our classic hot dog bun.

Zucchini Garden Dog
Ok, ready to have your mind blown? This recipe from Healthfully Ever After tells you to hollow out the bun to make croutons that go in a hollowed out zucchini. Use our Tailgaters Brat Buns to make the most of every inside-out, topsy-turvy bite.

Portobello Pups
A classic hot dog gets a veggie make-over in this recipe from Love & Lemons. Mushrooms have long been a spot-on burger substitute, but they may be even better in dog form. The balsamic marinade is a perfect match for our Golden Hot Dog Buns.

Baked Veggie Dogs
Most commercial veggie dogs include some combination of tofu and soy. If that’s not your thing, try this recipe from Brewing Happiness, which uses walnuts and pinto beans as a base to replicate the taste of a real hot dog. The texture is a little more cakey than rubbery, which makes the softness of our Potato Hot Dog Buns are good base.

Pineapple Sticky Buns
We’ll close things out by sweetening the not-dog deal a bit with this Pineapple Sticky Buns recipe, courtesy of yours truly.


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