Five Recipes that Take Leftovers to the Next Level


It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Do you know where your leftovers are? If they’re in the microwave being prepared for a sad imitation of yesterday’s festivities, it’s time for a leftover intervention. Check out these five recipes and do more than reheat your meal – reinvent it.

1. Leftover turkey? Shred that bird and pair it with BBQ sauce and Ball Park® hamburger buns.

Barbecued Turkey Sandwich recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.

2. Turn your extra stuffing into the stuff that meatball lovers’ dreams are made of. Ball Park® hot dog buns for the assist.

Meatball Heroes recipe courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

3. Want to give hot dogs a late-fall makeover? Top them with cranberry relish and put them in a Tailgaters Brat Bun.

Cranberry Relish recipe courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

4. Sweet potatoes, meet tater tots. Mouth, meet joy.

Sweet potato and Bacon Tots recipe courtesy of Food Network.

5. If you didn’t think mashed potatoes could get any better, prepare to be happily proven wrong.

Fried Mashed Potato Balls recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.

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