Food For That Special Some-Bun: 3 Romance-Revving Recipes


Want to heat things up this Valentine’s Day? It’s all about using the right ingredients. While the science isn’t exactly rock-solid, specific foods are thought to have certain romance-enhancing qualities to them. At the very least, they taste darn good. If these recipes be the food of love, read on.


Ingredient: Oysters

Oysters have long been thought to produce passionate reactions – and some research even supports that1. Whip up some Fried Oyster Po' Boys served on our split-topped Tailgaters Brat Buns and see what develops.

Fried Oyster Po' Boys recipe via Martha Stewart


Ingredients: Chocolate and Avocado

Eating (or even just thinking about) chocolate can cause a spike in dopamine2, the neurotransmitter that makes the brain feel rewarded. But it’s most powerful when it’s unexpected3, which is why this burger with mole sauce recipe is a perfect choice (and the energy-boosting benefits of avocado4 won’t hurt either). Serve it on our Tailgaters Gourmet Buns to hold up to all the lovey-dovey goodness.

Guac & Mole Bacon Burger recipe via Food 52


Ingredient: Chili Peppers

Research has suggested that eating chili peppers causes the brain to produce endorphins5 – the morphine-like compounds that are released in response to pain. Get those good feelings going when you top your hot dog with this pepper relish. The sweetness of our Golden Hot Dog Buns balances the spice to perfection.

Hot Pepper Relish recipe via Serious Eats


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