Get your #instaburger on with these 4 foodies to follow

Get your #instaburger on with these 4 foodies to follow

If the internet has given us anything, it’s given us lots and lots of reasons to drool. As of this writing, posts using the hashtag #foodporn number 143,374,129 on Instagram alone. And while burgers might not get a lot of love in some of the hoitier-toiter corners of the web, we’re here to shine a light – and a lens – on some truly meaty masterpieces. Feast your eyes on the following Instagrammers – and mind the drool.

The Burger Artist gives you delicious recipes that are (mostly) all about the burger. From your basic double cheeseburger to unique offerings like a Strawberry French Toast Breakfast Burger, this Instagram account is a pretty straightforward celebration of the burger in all its forms.

Based out of New York City, The Burgeratti bills itself as an enlightened source of burger goodness -- and uses “burger” as a verb, which totally works for us. This account is a treasure trove of the best burgers in New York City, so keep it handy the next time you visit the Big Apple.

On the other coast you’ll find Burger Junkies, home of the Burger Laureate (who knew there were so many ways to riff on the word burger?) who travels the country finding the best burgers and posting insanely appetizing pictures of them.

The good folks over at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board bring us The Cheese and Burger Society. If you’re lactose intolerant, this might not be your cup of tea (slice of cheese?), but trust – the grilling tips and cool swag giveaways make it a must.

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