Home-Field Advantage: Why Your House Can Be the Best Place to Watch a Game

Why Your House Can Be the Best Place to Watch a Game

It's hard to beat going to the ball park – the atmosphere, the tailgating, thousands of fans screaming in solidarity for their team. But while there’s a time and place for sporting events (usually 7 p.m. at the home team’s stadium), watching the game from the comfort of your home is the one TRUE winning game plan.

Here’s why you should skip the ticket line, fire up the grill and grab the remote on game day.

Better seats.

When we say “take care of your buns,” we don’t just mean the kind you eat. And let’s face it: Stadium seating is NOT bun-friendly. But your game day couch or recliner? Now THAT’S a bun saver.

You can focus.

Whether you’re zoning in on the in-game action or chomping down on a juicy burger, game days require razor-sharp focus. When you leave the house (unless it’s to the store to buy buns), distractions creep in – and you have work to do, dang it!

You can multitask. 

But if you DO have distractions, better make ‘em the good kind – like, you know, these awesome backyard tailgate games or texting hot dog emojis to your friends. These are things you just can’t do in a crowded stadium.

You’ll save money.

Tickets to the game are crazy expensive these days. But you know what isn’t? Ball Park® Buns, that’s what. Especially when you have a coupon.

Delicious food.

Seriously, get in the game and ditch those soggy stadium nachos for one of our gourmet hot dog or hamburger recipes at BallParkBuns.com.

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