Home Team Hot Dogs

Home Team Hot Dogs

Discover the best flavors in the local hot dog game – and the best hot dog buns to go with them.


New York

Signature ingredient: red onion sauce

For that straight-from-the-street cart flavor, you’ve got to top your dog with this onion/tomato paste concoction. Try this one from Martha Stewart, along with Ball Park®’s classic Hot Dog Buns.



Signature ingredient: celery salt

When it comes to the Chicago dog, sport peppers are optional. But celery salt? NOT OPTIONAL. And ketchup is strictly prohibited. Use our Tailgaters Brat Buns to go full Chicago. Craftsy tells you how to do it.  


Kansas City

Signature ingredient: caraway seed

In KCMO, people like to name their dogs Reuben. Balance the tartness of the sauerkraut with our Golden Hot Dog Buns. Get the dish from Delish.



Signature ingredient: coleslaw

Chili dogs can be found from Dallas to Delaware (we’ve got our own killer recipe here), but adding coleslaw really puts this dog on the map. Delish calls their recipe a “Bulldog” – get it here, and use our Tailgaters Brat Buns to hold up to the heavy toppings. 



Signature ingredient: bacon

This new contender in the hot dog game got its start in Mexico, reached perfection in Tucson and (according to some) was ruined in Los Angeles. Stick with a basic recipe such as this one from Food Fanatics and you can’t go wrong.



Signature ingredient: cream cheese

Legend has it that this hot dog’s inventor was originally a bagel man, and he just couldn’t quit the cream cheese. Go to Food.com to get the recipe. Use our Golden Hot Dog Buns to keep the breakfast vibes going.


St. Louis

Signature ingredient: Provel cheese

Sadly, no real St. Louis dog exists, but their pizza is legendary – and highly controversial, thanks to the addition of Provel cheese. Just substitute the mozzarella cheese in this Real Simple pizza dog with homemade Provel using this recipe via Life in a Skillet. Toast our classic Hot Dog Buns to get a more crust-like experience.



Signature ingredient: chili

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? This recipe, which you can find here on the Ball Park® site, piles on the chili, cheese and jalapeños for a taste that knocks it out of the park.

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