It’s a Chili Celebration!

It’s a Chili Celebration!

Each year on the last Thursday of July, we celebrate America’s most prized possession and quite frankly, the greatest culinary collaboration of all time: the chili dog! On National Chili Dog Day, nothing tops a juicy hot dog loaded with savory chili, melted cheese and diced onions. Whether it’s beefy, vegetarian, green or spicy enough to make your nose run, we’ve got the perfect chili recipes for every chili dog connoisseur. Try them with your favorite sausage or frank and our Tailgaters Brat Buns!


Green Chicken and White Bean Chili

Green chiles (serrano and poblano), tomatillos, white beans and a chicken stock base give this chili its notable hue and a spicy kick. 

Recipe via Saveur


Slow Cooker Black Bean Chili

A hearty vegetarian chili that achieves a rich meaty flavor without the meat! You’ll never guess the secret - unsweetened cocoa powder.

Recipe via The Kitchn


White Turkey Chili

Another white chili for the win! Lean ground turkey, cannellini beans and one seedless jalapeño come together for a mild yet satisfying flavor.  

Recipe via Martha Stewart


Texas Chili Dog

Want the whole enchilada? Say no more! This Ball Park® Buns recipe has got you covered - complete with cooking instructions for the hearty chili, grilled frank, toasted bun, bubbly cheese and final assembly of your delicious masterpiece.

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