Make the Most of Opening Day - Wherever You Are

Make the Most of Opening Day - Wherever You Are

We’ve talked about the awesomeness of Opening Day before, but truth be told – not all Opening Days are created equal. Nothing beats getting to see your team play in the flesh at the ballpark, but alas -- that pesky “work” thing sometimes throws a wrench in things. Fear not, baseball fans. We’ve got four ways for you to have your Opening Day and enjoy it, too.


1. Go to a game.
Obviously, if you can get to an actual game, DO IT. The roar of the crowd, the crack of the bat – it’s all best when you can hear it straight from the source. 


2. Watch the game at home.
You can get pretty dang close to the ballpark experience in your living room. You just need a few essential items: a TV with access to the game you want to watch, some equally passionate fans, and some classic eats – popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs (served on Ball Park® Buns, of course.) 


3. Watch the game at the office.
These days, most offices have a TV with cable/satellite access. And most offices have some rabid baseball fans. So get your colleagues together, gather round a conference table and put the phones on voicemail – you’ve got a game to watch. Obviously, you’re going to want to get enough of the above-mentioned staples to feed your fellow fans (plus some extras for the non-sporty types – they still need to eat, right?).


4. Watch the game at your desk.
OK, we’re NOT advocating goofing off on the job. We’re really not. But if you’re lucky enough to have a work environment that’s fairly relaxed about this kind of thing, you can stream the game while getting some of those more mindless tasks out of the way. Again, be sure to pack a peanut/popcorn/hot dog with a Ball Park® bun for your lunch. Just don’t be surprised when your cubicle neighbor gets nosy about all the whoop-whooping you’ll be up to.

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