Make the Mother of All Burgers

Make the Mother of All Burgers

How do you honor mom on Mother’s Day? Flowers? Jewelry? Or are you one of those “here’s a gift certificate for 10 free hugs” types? (Just…no.) 

We’ve got a better idea. Cook up an outrageous burger – the mother of all burgers, if you will – to show her how special she is. Here are five ideas for five different kinds of moms.

For the Don’t-Make-a-Fuss-Over-Me Mom:
This recipe helps you sneak some celebration-worthy upgrades into what looks like a plain old burger.
Cheddar Burgers with Balsamic Onions and Chipotle Ketchup recipe via Bon Appetit

For the Hot Diggity Mom:
Celebrate Mother’s Day in south-of-the-border style with this zesty recipe.
Nacho Burgers recipe via Food & Wine

For the Fancy Schmancy Mom:
Because nothing says fancy like ingredients that are hard to pronounce!
Burgers with Ricotta Salata and Pickled Zucchini recipe via Real Simple

For the Million Dollar Mom:
FOIE. GRAS. ON A BURGER. Need we say more?
Rossini Burger recipe via Saveur

For the Greek Goddess Mom:
Make it a Mediterranean Mother’s Day with this burger.
Lamb Burgers recipe via Martha Stewart

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