Meat Your Match: Hot Dog Varieties

Meat Your Match: Hot Dog Varieties

There are lots of ways to get your hot dog on. You’re familiar with the huge variety of toppings (many of which we’ve covered here, here and here), but what about the thing you top? We’ve got you covered with this guide to hot dog meats – and the best buns for each of them.

All Beef:
Can you handle the juice? The all-beef option can be super-moist with richer flavors (thanks, umami!) than other meat mixes, so pair this frank with our sturdy Tailgaters Brat Buns, preferably toasted, to stand up to all that juicy goodness.

Pork and Beef Combo:
Adding pork into the mix can give you a milder flavor and smoother texture than the all-beef version, which is perfect for the less-adventurous taste buds of kids. And Ball Park’s classic Hot Dog Buns are perfect for their cute little hands!

You’ll be getting less fat with chicken or turkey dogs than the above options – especially if you choose the all-white-meat varieties. But white meat poultry is known for being less flavorful, so choose more aggressive toppings and Ball Park’s Golden Hot Dog Buns to amp things up.

Veggie hot dogs can be made from soy products like tofu, the so-called “wheat meat” seitan and even carrots. In almost all cases, you’ll be cutting fat, calories and cholesterol if you go the veggie route. Keep the veggie vibe going with our classic Potato Hot Dog Buns.

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