The New Hot Dog Emoji is Here and It's Glorious

The New Hot Dog Emoji is Here and It's Glorious

Sometimes words can’t fully express our emotions; when they can’t, we use emoji – those cute little image-based alternate characters used in text messages, Facebook posts and, soon enough, birth certificates, academic papers and the Constitution (God bless ). So when the long-anticipated hot dog emoji, which had been rumored for what seemed like eternity, finally arrived in 2015, emojis went from being fun to being fun AND delicious.

Now, when your BFF texts you “Whatchu doin later” or “Sup,” you can simply reply, "."

This. Changes. Everything.

All you have to do is install the latest software update on your smartphone, enable the emoji keyboard on your Apple or Android device and you’re free to share the emoji, in all its glory, with your friends, family or random strangers (not recommended). Pair it with the hamburger emoji for the ultimate social experience.

There is a catch, though: You have to make good on your promise and actually eat some hot dogs – preferably with some warm, delicious Ball Park Buns.


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