Sides That Sizzle: 5 Dishes You Can Make on the Grill

Sides That Sizzle: 5 Dishes You Can Make on the Grill

Grilling hot dogs and hamburgers (served with Ball Park Buns, natch) is a no-brainer. But you can make your grill a real multitasker with these side dish recipes. Grilling fruits and vegetables intensifies their flavors and adds an unexpected smokiness to old favorites.

  1. Grilled Garlic Parmesan Corn on the Cob
    Four simple ingredients come together for this super-easy, super-delicious dish.
    Recipe via With Salt and Wit 
  2. Grilled Potato Wedges
    Say goodbye to the fry with these rustic beauties.
    Recipe via Back to Her Roots
  3. Grilled Guacamole
    Take your guac up a notch by throwing avocados on the grill first.
    Recipe via Two Peas and Their Pod 
  4. Grilled Pineapple
    Grilling makes the pineapple tender and sweet – perfect for dessert.
    Recipe via Center Cut Cook 
  5. Grilled Stone Fruit
    Serve with Greek yogurt and honey or get really decadent with whipped cream or ice cream.
    Recipe via Martha Stewart 

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