Skip the Drive-thru: 5 Time-saving Tips for Cooking Burgers at Home

5 Time-saving Tips for Cooking Burgers at Home

Fast food may be convenient, but it never tastes as good as a home-cooked meal. Not to mention, it’s almost always cheaper and undoubtedly healthier. So why don’t we do it all the time? Master these time-saving tips, and you’ll want to.

Plan ahead

Having everything prepared, measured and within reach before you start grilling will help you stay organized while you cook. That way, instead of trying to find the mustard, you can focus your undivided attention on more important things, like perfecting that patty.

Use raw ingredients

Aside from the hamburger itself, which we highly recommend cooking, going raw is as convenient as it is healthy. That hearty slab of bacon or fried egg? Sure, it tastes amazing (like, really amazing), but it’s not the most time-conscious option. Avocado, though? Yes, please.

Buy presliced

It seems like we spend more time slicing up our food than we do actually cooking it. So why not buy presliced? Cheese is a given, but some stores offer frozen or presliced veggies that make for perfect burger toppings. Oh, and we might be biased, but Ball Park® buns and patties are technically presliced too (wink wink).

Buy prewashed

Prewashed greens are a staple at grocery stores these days. They’re also convenient and nutritious alternatives to that plain ol’ head of lettuce. Spring mix, spinach, kale – whatever new plant is trendy these days, it’s probably a quality addition to your burger. Be-leaf us.

Clean while you cook

Nobody likes a sink full of dishes (no, really, not one single person). But it’s also a huge waste of time to wait until the very end. Rinse that knife or start soaking that pan between flipping patties – or, better yet, the second you’re done using it. Not only will you save time – you’re free to enjoy that scrumptious, mouthwatering burger free of dishwashing burden.

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