Take it inside: Five ways to bring the campout in

Five ways to bring the campout in

Snow day? Skip the usual arts-and-crafts/movie marathon activities and give the fam an experience they’ll never forget by throwing an indoor camping trip. These five essentials help you mimic the experience of the great outdoors without ever opening the front door.


Good to Grill

You don’t have to 86 your favorite camp food just because you’re stuck inside. Check out these great tips for giving hamburgers and hot dogs that smoky outdoor taste using your indoor grill, courtesy of the Huffington Post. And don’t forget the Ball Park® Buns!


S’more or Less

It’s hard to recreate the taste and texture of a perfectly melty, slightly charred campfire-roasted marshmallow, but you can get pretty darn close with this recipe from Bon Appetit.


Gimme Shelter

No self-respecting camper does it without a tent, amirite? Make yours indoor-official by going the blanket fort route. Real Simple tells you how to do it right.


Light My Fire

But, you know, not really. This faux campfire will give you all the ambience without any of the life-threatening hazards! Learn how from Instructables.


Happily Ever After

You’ve got the campfire – now you need the stories. Choose a variety of funny, scary and even educational (sneaky!) tales to keep them enthralled and entertained for hours. There’s a great selection at Care.com.

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