Top it like it’s hot: Five spicy hamburger and hot dog condiments that bring the heat

Top it like it’s hot: Five spicy hamburger and hot dog condiments that bring the heat

We’ve already given you some tips on kicking up your condiments, but those who equate “kicking up” with “turning the heat to 11” were probably left a little cold by those milder options. In their honor, we present five more condiment-kicker-uppers that go scorchingly well with hot dogs and hamburgers.

Sriracha ketchup (via Serious Eats)

Sure, you can buy this already made. But when you make it yourself, you can control the heat. If you’re feeling ambitious, create three versions that escalate (hot, hotter, insane) and use them to test your friends’ mettle.

Horseradish mustard (via Bon Appetit)

Mustard is sometimes considered divisive, but horseradish takes “food fight” to a whole nother level. So why not double down on controversy with this recipe? 

Wasabi mayo (via Martha Stewart)

Wasabi is horseradish’s Asian cousin, and mayonnaise is mustard’s tamer brother. Mix the two together, and you’ve got a surprisingly versatile topping that’s perfect for traditional beef burgers, and brings a sushi-esque flair to fish sandwiches like this one.

Hot pepper relish (via Serious Eats)

We’re not the first to make this joke, and we won’t be the last, but it needs to be said: this recipe will put the “hot” in hot dog.

Green chile salsa (via Saveur)

In New Mexico, they put green chile on everything. Literally everything. But the best way to enjoy one of the state’s official vegetable may be in cheeseburger form. But fair warning: when it comes to heat, New Mexico’s “medium” is everyone else’s “blistering.”

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