Treat Yourself, Ball Park® Buns Style

Treat Yourself, Ball Park® Buns Style

When you’re young, Halloween is all about the candy (ok, it’s a bit that way when you’re an adult, too). But why limit yourself to sneaking a fun-size treat or two from your kid’s stash, when you could go all out with these super-indulgent recipes?

Kobe Burgers

You’re going to have to plan ahead and order the Kobe-style beef for this, but it’s so worth it. Choose our Tailgaters Gourmet Buns to do it justice.

Recipe courtesy Cooking Channel

Hot Dog with Truffle Mayo

Want to make any dish super-luxe? Just add truffles. This recipe calls for top-loading buns like our New England Hot Dog Rolls.

Recipe courtesy Food and Wine

Lobster Roll with Caviar and Uni

The classic lobster roll gets a major – and we mean major – upgrade here. Uni (aka sea urchin) defies description – you just have to try it. Our Golden Hot Dog Buns keep the lavish theme going.

Recipe courtesy Food Republic

Rossini Burger

When you want to go truly over the top, this is how you do it. Truffles, foie gras, veal demi-glace – this is indulgence at its most extreme. Balance it out with our classic Hamburger Buns.

Recipe courtesy Saveur

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