Watch Your Dog Slay: 5 Hot Dog Recipes to Impress Your Teens

5 Hot Dog Recipes to Impress Your Teens

Kids these days – always coming up with new slang terms, to the point where it’s impossible to keep up. Have you ever heard your teen use the word “slay”? It’s weird, we know, but odds are he or she is using it to describe something they like. For instance, “This song slays,” or “Becca is slaying it today.”

But did you know hot dogs can “slay" too? Exhibit A: these five outrageously good hot dog recipes, which are sure to impress those hard-to-crack adolescents.

Pineapple Salsa Hot Dog
Sweet and spicy collide in this flavorful twist of a recipe.
Recipe via Saveur

Mac & Cheese Dog
Two words: mac and cheese. Trust us, they’ll love it.
Recipe via Real Simple

Fully Loaded Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog
The name alone will have them hooked (plus, bacon). Just wait until they try it.
Recipe via Food Network

Asian Slaw Dog with Sriracha Mayo
Teens love Sriracha – especially when the recipe’s this good.
Recipe via Foodie Misadventures

Texas Chili Dog
Ground beef, jalapeño, Cheddar cheese – this recipe definitely slays.

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