What Your Preferred Doneness Says About Your Personality

What Your Preferred Doneness Says About Your Personality

As with most things, we all have different tastes ... and when it comes to burgers, we mean literally. Several studies have shown that certain tastes reflect a person's personality, but what about burgers? Are you a rare kinda girl? Or just a medium-well guy? Here’s how the extent to which you like your burger cooked reflects your personality. 


You play things safe in life and in your burger. Cooking your burger all the way through helps you keep the sense of control you always strive for. You are the person who always obeys the speed limit and you always make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before eating.


You, like your well-done comrades, prefer to play things safe, but you always dreamed of doing something spontaneous, such as trying out for the football team or asking for that pay raise. Cooking the patty slightly less helps satisfy your cravings while keeping you in the safe zone.


You're versatile, willing to go both ways on things, but you prefer to stay neutral. And the same goes for your hamburger patty. When it comes to food or feuds, you’re Switzerland.


You like to experience the thrills and the absurdities of life, but afterwards you'll go read a book or drink a cup of tea. You're up for almost anything, but you like time to reflect on it afterward. 


You're a risk-taker. Nothing scares you. In fact, most things that scare people thrill you. Skydiving is your pastime and the outdoors is your playground. Your fearlessness and outgoing personality make you the life of any tailgate. 

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