How to Tailgate Like a Boss

How to Tailgate Like a Boss

Four tools you never knew you needed in your tailgating toolbox.

  1. Bricks
    To keep tailgating foods like pulled pork hot, forget about those flimsy, disposable pop-up trays. Just arrange three bricks in a triangle around your sterno and place a sturdy, cast iron skillet on top.
    Southern Living 
  2. Balloons
    You know how you tie a balloon to your mailbox so people will know where the party is? Same idea applies here. A bunch of (unique) balloons and a helium tank will spare you lost guests and endless text exchanges trying to give directions.
  3. Laundry hamper
    Get the pop-up kind the dorm kids use and put your trash bag in it for easy cleanup.
  4. A cooler
    Yeah, yeah – this one isn’t unexpected. Of COURSE you have a cooler at your tailgate – for cold drinks, perishable food items, etc. But did you know you can also use a cooler to keep your Ball Park hamburger and hot dog buns warm?

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